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Counter by Development (CDp)

The goal of the project is: To Contribute the improvement of the economic status of citizens, especially young people, who have lost their source of income due to the epidemic.   The objectives are: Develop the capacities of the beneficiaries in the field of entrepreneurship. Support the establishment of at least two business startups. Publicize program […]

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Provision of Grant Administration service for women empowerment։ “Empowered Women empower women”

Goal of the Project: To organize and carry out Grant Administration for GIZ and UNDP beneficiaries contributing to women empowerment, citizen participation, data-driven planning, transparency and accountability in LSGs in different marzes of Armenia as well as to contribute to experience exchange, capacity building and visibility of target women.   Results of the Project: 1. At […]

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“Institutional capacities for infoTuns”. Vanadzor InfoTun: Rethinking

The goal of the project is to facilitate the institutional development of infotun host organizations to work with  volunteers.   THE ACTIONS OF THE PROGRAM ARE: Develop a procedure for working with InfoTun members and volunteers for InfoTun hosting organizations. Organize training (online or offline) for employees of infotun hosting organizations.

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Philanthropy Promoting Partnership (PPP)

 The objective of the project is to promote the development of the culture of philanthropy in Armenia.   Specific objectives: To increase awareness of the importance of philanthropy and capacity to engage in reform efforts. To increase understanding of CSOs of the potential and associated risks of using digital fundraising tools and increased capacity to […]

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“Transparent, Affordable and Accountable Procurement” project

“NGO Center” Civil Society Development NGO (NGO Center), together with “Freedom of Information Center” NGO and “Community and the Youth” Youth and Advisory NGO (hereinafter referred to as TAAP partners), implements “Transparent, Affordable and Accountable Procurement” project launched in June 2021 for one year. The project is implemented within the framework of the “Data for […]

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