Counter by Development (CDp)

The goal of the project is: To Contribute the improvement of the economic status of citizens, especially young people, who have lost their source of income due to the epidemic.


The objectives are:

Develop the capacities of the beneficiaries in the field of entrepreneurship.

Support the establishment of at least two business startups.

Publicize program success stories.


The direct beneficiaries of the program are 20 young people over the age of 18 living in the neighboring settlements of Vanadzor.


Project Results


  • At least 20 young people have developed their knowledge in the areas of business design, resource engagement, public speaking, business management.
  • At least two business startup projects have been established.
  • The success stories of the project have been publicized (at least 1 online newsletter on the project has been published, at least one program has been broadcasted by the regional or local TV with the participation of young winners, at least two media stories on success stories have been prepared about winning business ideas of young people).


The “Counter by Development” (CDp) program is funded by the United Nations Development Program.