“Transparent, Affordable and Accountable Procurement” project

“NGO Center” Civil Society Development NGO (NGO Center), together with “Freedom of Information Center” NGO and “Community and the Youth” Youth and Advisory NGO (hereinafter referred to as TAAP partners), implements “Transparent, Affordable and Accountable Procurement” project launched in June 2021 for one year. The project is implemented within the framework of the “Data for Accountable and Transparent Activity” (DATA) program with the support of the US Agency of International Development (USAID) by Eurasian Partnership Foundation and DATA project partners.

At present, in Armenia the public funds spendings are carried out with questionable effectivness and there is urgency to identify the problems for ensuring the transparency, accessibility, and accountability. In particular, the purposeful and effective management of public funds requires a clear definition of priorities based on the participatory assessment of issues.

The TAAP project aims to improve the management of the public procurement system and the accessibility of its organization.

The TAAP objectives are to foster the improvement of the organization of the procurement process by identifying obstacles, proposing solutions, and facilitate the introduction of a reform package developed within the policy agenda.

Within the framework of the TAAP project, the consortium plans to implement:

  • Comprehensive research, analysis of the public procurement legislation, policies and implementation process;
  • Development of policy reform proposal packages based on the data analysis;
  • Advocacy for these proposals with the involvement of stakeholders, up to legislative and policy changes.


This project is implemented with the support of the American People through USAID. The views expressed here and the contents are the sole responsibility of the NGO Center and TAAP Сonsortium member organizations and do not necessarily reflect the views of the USAID or the US Government.