Implementation Of Financial Participatory Approach (FPA) For Socio-economic Development In Armenia – Lori

The objective of the FPA in Lori Region is to stimulate the local population to take charge of their own socio-economic development in harmony with nature protection and the envisaged Protected Area in particular applying the specific FPA principles.

The FPA is a tool supporting to socio economic development of the communities whose livelihood is depended on natural resources and who are living across protected areas and surrounding lands. FPA is using financial resources for mobilizing local population; the concept is based on participatory approaches and gives opportunity to people to take charge on their own development. This approach creates win-win solution to both nature protection and socio-economic development objectives.


Expected project outputs are:

Output 1: Ecological corridors and interventions sites are identified with consent of local government and communities.

Output 2: Community conservation agreements are concluded based on participatory and sustainable land-use plans.

Output 3: Capacities of land users at local, regional and national level for implementing the sustainable land use as developed in the conservation agreements is strengthened.

Output 4: A sustainable and results-oriented financing mechanism for the establishment of ecological corridors is developed and functional, including a robust monitoring concept.