Vahe Khachikyan

Vahe Khachikyan joined the “NGO Centre” CSD NGO team in June 2017 as the coordinator of the “Vanadzor InfoTun” project.

He is currently the project manager. Vahe is also in charge of the public relations (PR) manager in the organization.

Vahe has been a volunteer at Vanadzor InfoTun since 2015, participating in capacity-building courses organized by the NGO Center. Vahe has been carrying out social activities since 2010 and is also engaged in youth work, contributing to the individual development of many young people.

He is involved in various organizations as a trainer, and he supports the development and inclusion of the youth, women, and different groups in public life.

Vahe has been representing the NGO Center in various state, community, private organizations, and consultative bodies.

He graduated from the management/administration department of Lori Regional State College and received the qualification of a manager. He is currently studying at Eurasia International University.