Collaborative Governance Model of Policy making in Armenia

“NGO Center” Civil Society Development Organization jointly with “Araza” benevolent NGO is implementing the “Collaborative Governance Model of Policy making in Armenia” project, which is implementing in the scope of Strong Civil Society Organizations for Stronger Armenia project and is funded by EU.


Aim of the project։

To Support democratic governance through enhanced civic participation in decision making processes․


  • Specific Objective 1: Promotion of CSO participation mechanisms institutionalized within executive branch of government.
  • Specific Objective 2: Strengthening of collaborative governance practice in public policy development processes.


Main activitie։

  • Monitoring and analysis of the procedures and operation of the Committees adjacent to Ministries
  • Presentation of the findings and recommendations to the Ministries.
  • Strengthening of awareness raising mechanisms of ministries to engage more partners in policy making processes: 2 day training on PR and communication
  • Development of communication strategies for 18 ministries for campaign for effective recruitment of CSOs into Committees adjacent to Ministries.
  • Capacity building of  both Ministries and the CSOs involved in  Committees adjacent to Ministries. Trainings on the  topics such as policy analysis, collaborative governance, networking and public policy program budgeting.
  • Awareness raising on existing participatory model among regional CSOs : preparation of press-releases on each meeting of committees in all 18 ministries and dissemination ;Life-streaming all the meetings of committees in all 18 ministries through the existing networks of informationnel ressource centers-InfoTuns
  • Facilitation of interaction between ministries adjacent committee members and issue/sector specific CSO networks for policy making:Mapping of already existing issue/sector networks , Organization of sector meetings between networks and ministries adjacent committees
  • Organization of public presentations of the on-line platform across all regions of RA.
  • Presentation of free subscription model for all CSOs to receive news and updates.
  • Dissemination of platform news/new legislation drafts through existing networks of NGO center, Araza NGO, InfoTuns
  • Monitoringthe process of on – line feedback  submission on law drafts to the NA.
  • Dissemination of information through quarterly newspapers – 50 per quarter and a booklet on Project – overall 100-200․
  • To organize CSO attendance in National Assembly Commission meetings online and offline
  • Press conference on sensitive issues