“Good Citizen” platform for empowering young leaders

“NGO Center” civil society development NGO under its Vanadzor InfoTun youth center has undertaken the implemention of “Good Citizen” youth platform with its own resources since April 2023.

The purpose of “Good Citizen” youth platform is to develop the knowledge and skills of the youth of Vanadzor community as good citizens, creating a platform for young community leaders and change makers.

Such educational platforms improve the formation of active citizens, contributing to their more effective functioning in the community and enabling them to cope with the implementation of civic education when facing some challenges.

At every phase of the platform, trained youth leaders (youth workers) organize meetings on active citizenship, participation and other topics that contribute to raising the civic consciousness of less experienced and disengaged youth.


The platform for empowering “Good Citizen” young leaders is implemented under the “Vanadzor InfoTun” youth center of “NGO Center” civil society development NGO, with the NGO Center’s own funds.