Around 110 CSO representatives participated in the first phase of the CSO Institutional Capacity Development trainings

The first part of the first component of the CSO Institutional Development Program was implemented within the framework of the “Strengthening Civil Society in Eastern Partnership Countries” program implemented by GIZ.

Within the framework of the project, “NGO Center” civil society development NGO acts as an organization providing services for the development of institutional capacities of civil society organizations (CSOs).

 In March-April, about 110 CSO representatives participated in a series of two-day trainings on strategic planning and program design in Aghveran.

The participants of the training say that thanks to this course, they developed two program proposals, one of which has already passed the full application stage.

“This course was a huge source of knowledge, an environment for promoting a practical way of thinking and establishing new acquaintances,” says the representative of one of the participating CSOs.

Other components of the capacity building phase are now ongoing. CSOs participating in the program have the opportunity to participate in trainings on communication, financial management and human resources management. After the stages of the trainings, CSOs participating in the program will be given the opportunity to move to the next stage of developing strategic documents.


CSO Institutional Capacity Development project is implemented by “NGO Center” civil society development NGO within the framework of service provision.