“The procedure for applying a new approach to solving social support problems in the Tumanyan community on a voluntary basis” developed by the NGO Center was adopted

On July 7, during the extraordinary session of Tumanyan community council among other issues,  “The procedure for using a new approach to solving problems on a voluntary basis regarding social support in Tumanyan community” developed by NGO Center was discussed and adopted.

Vahe Khachikyan, a procedure development expert, presented the importance of the document to the members of the Community Council. “The most short-term goal of the procedure is to contribute to overcoming poverty in the Tumanyan consolidated community by improving the socio-economic condition of vulnerable groups,” Vahe mentioned in his speech.

Emphasizing the procedure unanimously accepted by the present members of the Community council, Suren Tumanyan, the Chief of Tumanyan community noted, that similar procedures enable the community to work with vulnerable groups in a more systematic way.

At an early date, with the efforts of Tumanyan community social worker and the entire staff and with the support of NGO Center, the procedure will be practically used in the community.