Syuzan Hovsepyan

Syuzan Hovsepyan is a professional of non-governmental sector with an experience of more than 15 years, including one international and two local organizations (Jinishian Memorial Foundation, Lori Development Center NGO, NGO Center civil society development NGO). Syuzan managed projects and provided consultancy in the areas of community development, local government, citizen participation, promoting public-CSO-private partnerships, gender and youth engagement, policy development and advocacy, and research. She is familiar with program design and management cycle, grant management cycle, coordinated program activities with various stakeholders (government, donor community, local NGOs, etc.). During recent years Syuzan coordinated Collaborative Governance Model of Policy making in Armenia (funded by EU/Strong CSOs project), Strengthening Government and Civil Society Cooperation in Open Government Partnership to Improve Public Services (funded by Asian Development Bank), Community-based ecotourism for sustainable livelihoods in Tumanyan district of Lori region (funded by UNDP/GEF/SGP), Participatory monitoring for the Establishment of Smart Communities in Armenia (funded by EU/ “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” project / “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” NGO), Strengthening the inter-sectoral network for community development initiative (funded by “Armenian Caritas” benevolent NGO), Counter by Development (CDp) (funded by UNDP), Provision of Grant Administration service for women empowerment (funded by GIZ Good Governance for Local Development South Caucasus Program and UNDP), Transparent, Affordable and Accountable Procurement (funded by Eurasia Partnership Foundation /United States Agency for International Development (USAID)) and Community Power (funded by GIZ) projects. Syuzan has a long-term experience working with communities and supervising initiatives and grants. She is also a trainer and has conducted various trainings in the framework of NGOC projects. She also organized and facilitated focus group discussions, different trainings, meetings, events. She also has extensive experience in coordinating research work, and has worked as a team leader on a number of research projects. Syuzan also has 15 years of professional teaching experience in educational institutions: at university as a lecturer and at school as a teacher. She holds a master’s degree in chemistry and ecology, then continued postgraduate degree in the field of inorganic chemistry. Currently, Syuzan is involved in the “CapSLoc: Capacities for Sustained Locally-Led Development” program as Deputy Chief of party and heads the Grants Management Department of the NGO Center.