Arpine Hakobyan

Arpine Hakobyan has 20 years of professional managerial experience in non-profit sector. She has demonstrated highly effective communication and managerial skills as an executive, trainer and consultant. Her natural talent in leadership and ability to motivate are informed with academic background and knowledge achieved with Excellency.

Arpine is a qualified specialist in Social Sciences as a sociologist. As a sociologist and professional researcher, she has conducted a number of program evaluations. In addition, she has conducted numerous social researches in diverse fields starting from designing the research until reporting.   As a certified trainer, she has 10 years of extensive experience in non -formal education provision as a trainer. Her areas of concentration include need assessment and research methods, proposal writing and logical framework, fundraising, leadership and strategic planning, social work, monitoring and evaluation, work with social media, community mobilization, management.

She is funder of TUC- Tourism Unique Center social enterprise which was successfully launched and managed from 2017. TUC is an affective model of community development with business approaches and ideology of social impact. Arpine Hakobyan is a highly committed, open-minded, motivating and embracing leader who catalyses cooperation not both internally with organization she manages and externally. This approach leads to the development of networks and partnerships that help any endeavor reach wider ranges of population.