Arpine Hakobyan

Arpine Hakobyan has 20 years of professional management experience in the non-profit sector. She has joined the NGO Center from 2002. She is the president of NGO Center from 2015. He has provided highly effective communication and leadership skills as an executive, trainer and consultant. She is highly committed, open-minded, motivating and embracing leader who catalyses cooperation among team.

Arpine Hakobyan is a qualified specialist in Social Sciences as a sociologist. As a sociologist and professional researcher, she has conducted a number of program evaluations. In addition, she has conducted numerous social researches in diverse fields starting from designing the research until reporting.

As a certified trainer, he has more then 15 years of experience working in non-formal education. Concentration spheres include proposal writing and logical framework, needs assessment and research methods, fundraising, management and strategic planning, social work, monitoring and evaluation, community mobilization, and management.

Arpine Hakobyan also has her contribution to the development of civil society in the context of academic education, teaching at the Public Administration Department of YSU Faculty of International Relations, “Non-Governmental Organizations-Management”.

She 2019-202 chaired the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition of Armenia.