Vanadzor InfoTun: Rethinking

“NGO Center” civil society development NGO started “Vanadzor InfoTun:Rethinking” program in August 2021.


The goal of the project is to contribute to the development and self-expression of young people, teachers and artists of Lori region by creating a favorable environment.


The project issues are:

Problem 1: To support the improvement of the field of management of public spaces in Lori region, by developing the capacities of young people in the fields of civil and investigative journalism, by identifying and publicizing possible cases of conflicts of interest.

Problem 2: Support the development of youth creativity to eliminate plagiarism and increase the measurability of educational outcomes.

Problem 3: To promote the self-expression of young artists through the reinterpretation and publicization of Soviet Vanadzor.

Problem 4: To promote the creation of a favorable environment for the active social role of young people and teachers in the fight against violence in Vanadzor.