The goal of the project is to promote tourism in the enlarged communities of Gyulagarak (Gyulagarak, Amrakits, Gargar, Kurtan, Hobardzi, Pushkino and Vardablur villages) and Lori Berd (Agarak, Bovadzor, Lejan, Koghes, Hovnanadzor, Yaghdan, Sverdlov, Urut and Lori Berd villages): through mapping, empowering and publicizing community resources.


The project issues are:

  • Mapping of adventure-Eco-attractive tourism routes – bike trails and hiking trails – in target communities to attract visitors with relevant interests.
  • Develop local human resources in the target communities through training of guides.
    Publicize each of the enla
  • ged communities of Gulagarak and Lori Berd as a single community through branding and presentation of tourism products.