Provision of Grant Administration service for women empowerment։ “Empowered Women empower women”

Goal of the Project: To organize and carry out Grant Administration for GIZ and UNDP beneficiaries contributing to women empowerment, citizen participation, data-driven planning, transparency and accountability in LSGs in different marzes of Armenia as well as to contribute to experience exchange, capacity building and visibility of target women.


Results of the Project:

1. At least 2 orientation meetings with beneficiaries are organized.

2. Expert support to develop up to 30 grant projects is provided

3. Up to 30 projects are funded and implemented by women involved in LGs in their communities.

4. Up to 30 projects are successfully implemented and monitored.

5. Up to 30 project reports are presented

6. Visibility of up to 30 projects is ensured through online and offline methods (municipality website, UNDP and Community FB pages, participation in different meetings, etc)

7. Up to 15 Radio program broadcasts via Public Radio of Armenia. to present grant projects implemented by women.

8. At least 6 Business lunches/experience exchange events are organized

9. 1 Study Tour South-North is organized

10. 1 final event is organized to present achievements, boost experience exchange, present challenges and lessons learnt.



“Support to provision of Grant Administration service for women empowerment” programme is coordinated by the NGO Center with the financial support of Good Governance for Local Development South Caucasus Programme implemented by GIZ, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the framework of “Improvement of Local Governance system in Armenia – Phase 2” co-financed by German and Swiss Governments. The Programme is carried out in close cooperation with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure as the main political partner.