Migration Resource Center

Field of activity – Provision of consultation to emigrants and immigrants, organization of trainings, provision of information on Migration legislation of CIS countries.


Project framework- The project commenced in August, 2008. The following services were provided by the Migration Resource Center:


Legal consultations– 115 beneficiaries

Consultation on migration legislation of destination countries

Consultation on international and local legislation of migrants’ rights

Work migration

–         Work agreements

–         Work conditions

–         Payment procedures

Main dangers connected with illegal migration

Seminars for migrants- 56 beneficiaries

Legalization of work migration

Cultural peculiarities of destination countries

Mechanisms of Advocacy and right protection of migrants

Fines applied on administrative violations, deportation

Seminars for immigrants (people who came back)- 48 beneficiaries

Capacity building of CV writing and interview process

Legal field of Armenia (on starting and doing business)

Ways of finding jobs (internet, agencies, relationships)

“Open doors” event in communities- 82 beneficiaries

–         Alaverdi-29 participants

–         Stepanavan- 27 participants

–         Spitak 26 participants

Job fair

–         Employers- 9 participants

–         Beneficiaries- 102 participants

–         CVs- 61

–         7 beneficiaries found permanent jobs