The Project is implemented within the framework of the Civil Society in Action (CSA) program, which aims to enhance civil society sustainability through improved financial viability, organizational capacity, and policy dialogue.

The vision for the implementation of the CSA program is to enable local organizations and civic movements to enhance two key dimensions of civil society: CSOs’ impacts on policy discourse (the external effect) and CSOs’ representation of constituents (the internal effect).


In order to achieve all of this, the CSA program has set a number of Objectives:

Objective 1: CSO financial viability improved.

Objective 2: Organizational capacity of CBOs enhanced.

Objective 3: CSO and government dialogue on public policy enhanced.

Objective 4: Locally-led development promoted.


Activities implemented and/or facilitated by the NGO Center are:

  1. Actively participate in various trainings and training-of-Trainers (TOT) organized by CSA and any other workshops required by the Program;
  2. Participate or facilitate organizational development assessments of partner organizations with the follow up action planning;
  3. Deliver technical assistance (needs assessment, trainings, consultations, etc.) to CBOs based on the findings of OD assessments and per project needs;
  4. Organize roundtable discussions, brainstorming sessions, and other forms of gatherings based on project needs;
  5. Assist CSA/Counterpart in managing grant competition and award processes. It is expected to assist CSA/Counterpart in performing grant selection, administration, and management tasks to 10 CBOs during the first year and an additional 10 CBOs starting from the second year and beyond.
  6. Monitor, evaluate and report on grants awarded to CBOs;
  7. Disseminate project related information through its networks;
  8. Provide logistical assistance to CSA activities;
  9. Organize learning exchanges for selected CBOs across selected Marzes.


The “CSOs4Progress” project is implemented by “NGO Center” Civil Society Development NGO within the framework of the “Civil Society in Action” (CSA) Program. CSA is a five-year program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Counterpart International in partnership with Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development.