Aware and responsible community

Since March 2018‘‘NGO Center’’ Civil Society Development NGO is implementing ‘‘Aware and responsible community’’ project The program was developed based on the research done by NGO Center within the framework of ‘‘Be aware and protect your life’’ project implemented in 2017..

The goal of the project is :

  • To promote the improvement of habitat/environmentin such affected enlarged communities, as Alaverdi, Haghpat, Aqori, Odzun, Hagvi, Akhtala and Shamlugh by contributing to environmental education and targeted projects.

The issues of theproject:

  • To develop public and community-based organizations’ program implementation capabilities concerning ecological education in seven target residences.
  • To raise target communities’ citizens and decision-makers’ awareness of environmental issues and their solution.
  • To increase environmental programs’ productivity being implemented by self-governing bodies in affected communities.

The program is carried out by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme (SGP).