Anticorruption Education in Armenia

Throughout the project different workshops were held in different cities of Armenia to educate youth about Corruptions. At the workshop, participant youth gained a deeper understanding and knowledge about corruption.


During June 2009 NGO Center conducted the Research Training session with the main three core groups of the project based in Yerevan, Gavar and Vanadzor. The aim of the trainings was to build the participants’ capacity on research making, to provide them with the methodology of research so that they could develop a questionnaire form and conduct a research within the community higher educational institutions of their regions and identify the main problems and corruption risks.


Throughout the project different Open dialogue meetings were held in 3 target Higher Education Institutions of Armenia (Gavar State University, Vanadzor EuropeanEducation Regional Academy, Yerevan State College of Trade and Service) with the aim of introduction of Codes of Conduct. As a result at the end of the project GavarState University and Yerevan State college of Trade and Service have adopted and are using the Codes of Conduct. Vanadzor European Education Regional Academy is in the process of adoption.