The cross-sectoral network strategy development meeting took place


On September 16-17, a two-day information meeting with the participation of network members was held in Dilijan within the framework of “the strengthening the cross-sectoral network for community development initiative” program.

The purpose of the information meeting was to develop a network strategy for the coming years with network members’ direct participation and involvement.

On the first day of the meeting, Armenian Caritas “ARAMAZD.SMART “program manager Zarah Aghanyan and the NGO Center president Arpine Hakobyan made a welcoming speech. In their remarks, they mattered the effective work of the network and the perspective that exists around the network.

In the second part of the day, the participants got familiarized with the principles of developing a strategic plan, sections and their role as members in it.

Then, through group work and brainstorming, they began to define the values on which the network should be based, to determine the scope and areas of activity.

On the second day, continuing the group work, the participants defined the strategic goals, tasks, and actions that should lead to the realization of the strategic objectives.

As a result of the meeting, the main principles and values of the strategy were defined by the network members, based on which the strategy will be developed by experts in the near future, and will be discussed with the members.

Within the framework of the “ARAMAZD.SMART” program of “Armenian Caritas PAO,” “NGO Center” implements the “Intergovernmental Network Strengthening for Community Development Initiative,” which aims to strengthen the cross-sectoral network through strategy development and capacity building.
 The Armenian Caritas “Aramazd.Smart” program is funded by Caritas France and Caritas Spain.

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