“Vanadzor Local Youth Policy Development”



The project goal is;

to contribute to the involvement of Vanadzor young people in public life through more targeted and coordinated implementation of youth programs.


The project objectives are;

  1. to study the needs of Vanadzor young people through online research,
  2. to support the development of the youth strategy by ensuring participatory approach,
  3. publication and investment of youth strategy among stakeholders.


The project activities are;

  1. Survey among youth. The research will be conducted through combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Documentation analysis, electronic survey and focus group discussions will be carried out.
  • Document Analysis. The following documents consider being a part of the analysis;
  • State youth policy and existing youth strategy,
  • International youth policies at local levels,
  • “The revised European Charter of youth participation in local and regional life,
  • Youth strategies of other communities in Armenia.

1.2 Public polls among youth in Vanadzor (online). A questionnaire will be elaborated in advance, and will be posted on social networks, will be distributed via E-mail list of the NGO Center.

1.3 At least 2 focus group discussions. Young people will take part in the focus group discussions.


  1. Presentation of survey results to stakeholders,
  2. Development of the strategy based on Town Hall methodology by ensuring the involvement of all stakeholders,
  3. Round table discussion with the participation of stakeholders,
  4. Strategy finalization, taking into account the results of the discussions,
  5. Strategy presentation to the approval of the City Council,
  6. Strategy publication,
  7. Involvement of the appropriate resources / funds for youth strategy implementation.


“Vanadzor Local Youth Policy Development” project is implemented by “NGO Center” CSD NGO in partnership with Vanadzor Municipality. The project is implemented within the framework of the “EU4Youth: Better Skills for Better Future” regional project.


“#EU4Youth: Better Skills for Better Future” project (2018-2020) is implemented under the funding from the European Union in three countries: Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine. In Armenia, the project is implemented by Save the Children Armenia Country Office in cooperation with OxYGen Foundation for Protection of Youth and Women Rights.

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