School Energy Auditors Teams


The goal of the project is to contribute to the formation and dissemination of energy efficiency culture in Vanadzor and 4 adjacent rural communities.


  1. 10 ” school energy auditor teams ” formed in Vanadzor
  2. 50 teenagers’ knowledge of Energy Efficiency and related topics, as well as information campaign planning and implementation, has been increased by 50 teenagers from 50 “school energy auditor teams”.
  3. At least 10 schools in Vanadzor and surrounding rural communities are 4 informational meetings with more than 500 schoolchildren and teachers’ school Energy Audit Teams squads “by peer-to-peer method .
  4. In- house measures have been implemented in target communities / schools .
  5. An “ Energy Efficient Schools Competition ” was held in Vanadzor.
  6. An information campaign has been launched on social networks, in particular InfoTun networks.

Project activities are:

-Implement 6 primary and 18 secondary schools in Vanadzor targeted 10 schools of choice . The selection will be based on the following criteria: distribution in all communities of Vanadzor, number of students and willingness to cooperate.

-Target schools to form the 8th and 9th grade student of the 5-member groups, which will become a “school of the school energy auditor teams ‘ reports.

-Conduct information workshops on Energy Efficiency and Related Topics of 50 Teenage School Audit Teams / Energy Efficiency, Solar Water Heater Installation, Stove Energy Efficiency Improvement, Community Energy Improvement Needs Assessment, Community Buildings.

-ToTToT 50 teenagers from School Energy Audit Teams to host energy efficiency meetings for schoolchildren in their schools.

-Arrangement of information meetings with schools.

-Organizing and conducting informational meetings in the schools of 10 villages and 4 adjacent villages of Vanadzor by “School Energy Audit Teams”.

-Design and Implementation of Community or School Initiatives by School Energy Audit Teams.

-Organizing Flash Mobility Community Mobility in collaboration with School Energy Audit Teams and Local Government.

-Develop a monitoring card assessing behavior and attitudes in the area of ​​targeted schools’ energy efficiency.

-Monitoring and analysis of data in target schools by school energy auditor teams

-” Competition for Energy Efficient Schools ” .


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