Call for ‘‘Youth Empowerment’’ camp participants and mentors


‘‘NGO Center’’ Civil Society Development NGO with the help of NESEHNUTÍ-Independent Social Ecological Movement is implementing the ‘‘Youth Empowerment’’ program this year in September and November.

The program aims to contribute to solving environmental problems of multi-settlement communities such as: Alaverdi, Akhtala and Odzun through 15 young participants and 3 mentors from the above mentioned communities, .

Within the framework of the program a three-day tent camping will be organized between September 15-17 in the Tourism Unique Center in Dsegh village, Lori.

During the camp the following courses will be conducted:

  • What’s is advocacy?
  • What’s civic journalism?
  • How to promote publicizing of the problems and its solution through civic journalism?

As a result of  thecamp the participants and skilled mentors will make local environmental action plans and will implement them during two months after the camp. The camp is open to young participants aged between 18-30 from enlarged communities, among them are: Alaverdi, Akhtala and Odzun (Alaverdi town, Aqori,Tsaghkashat, Kachachkut, Jiliza, Akhtala town, Akhtala village, village near the sanatorium, Bandik, Chochkan, Mets Ayrum. Poqr Ayrum, Shamlugh, Neghoc, Odzun, Amoj, Aygehat, Ardvi, Arevatsag, Tsater, Karmir Aghek, Hagvi, Mghart) and mentors from other communities.

Application form can be submitted by September 12 included.

Transport, accommodation and food expenses will be covered by ‘‘NGO Center’’ CSD NGO.


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