Community monitors


‘‘NGO Center’’ civil society development NGO is carrying out a project called “Community monitors” (“Strengthening Government and Civil Society Cooperation in Open Government Partnership to Improve Public Services”) led by ‘‘Armavir Development Center’’ and ‘‘Integrity Action’’ NGOs, in association with ‘‘Martuni Women’s Community Council’’ NGO, ‘‘Goris Press Club’’ and ‘‘The Institute of Regional Investigation of Socio-economic Policy’’ funded by the Asian Development Bank.


The objectives of the project are:


  1. Monitoring of local schools’ repairs/reconstruction works by community-based monitors to ensure efficient construction, to increase seismic resistance level and its compliance with the contractual requirements and community needs.
  2. Improving the responsibility of public service providers at the local level by involving representatives of local communities and key state institutions in joint, cooperative forums and working groups for continuous and systematic assessment of  service delivery and poverty reduction policies.



The project aims:


  1. To create a community-based monitors group on a voluntary basis to follow the construction works in 20 schools of Armenia securing their compliance with the contract requirements and community needs.
  2. To establish a joint working group for each school, which aims to discuss the issues raised during the construction and suggest appropriate solutions to those issues.



NGO center is coordinating the construction process monitoring of 2 basic schools: Vanadzor No.7 and Stepanavan No.3.

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