An Open Space meeting on “Cross-cutting cooperation. Challenges and Opportunities” topic


On October 27-28 within the framework of USAID-funded “Intermediary service organizations for civil society development” project NGO Center has organized an Open Space meeting on the “Cross-cutting cooperation. Challenges and Opportunities” topic.


 The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • present the project results,
  • present the successful experience of cross-cutting cooperation,
  • contribute to the formulation of dialogue of culture in order to promote minimization of possible contradictions and constructive relationships among stakeholders,
  • promote the establishment of consolidated partnership networks on solving issues of NGO field.


More than 80 representatives from the state, public and private sectors took part in the event. The state sector was represented by representatives of different ministries, staffs members of Committees Adjacent to the National Assembly, regional administrations and local self-governance bodies. The private sector was represented by representatives of business structures operating in different spheres of Lori, Tavush and Shirak regions and Yerevan. The NGO sector was represented by CSO representatives from the Lori, Tavush and Shirak regions as well as the field experts.


The Open Space method created a platform that gave people the opportunity to freely talk about their concerns, to find supporters, and to identify possible ways for resolving key issues. 11 working groups were set up in the Open Space, which worked on the issues and the ways of their solution raised in the context of the Cross-cutting cooperation common topic. The following issues were discussed in each working group: the problem and its causes, the problem solving ways, the available resources within the group, the necessary but missing resources, and the next steps as an upcoming task to solve the problem. The Open Space format assumes that the working groups are becoming a network for solving the problem, and the group representatives become members of this network, who concern and are willing to carry out further steps and programs.


The issues raised and the ideas discussed during the Open Space meeting contributed to the collaboration of the participants and prepared a fertile ground for further solutions and proposals that were raised during the meetings. The results of the group discussions became a common manual prepared by the participants, which was provided to all of them.


The goal of the “Intermediary service organizations for civil society development” project is to empower regional civil society organizations towards enhanced sustainability and successful partnerships.


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