Vanadzor InfoTun


Since 2011 NGO Center in partership with Eurasia Partnership Foundation and in cooperation with Internews Network (USA) is implementing “Alternative Resources in Media” project.

The goal of the project is to enhance and improve access to pluralistic and unbiased information in Armenia via traditional and alternative media through the use of new information technologies. The program is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). ARM program seeks to increase alternative sources of diverse news and information through an integrated program that builds civic demand for alternative content, supports its production and dissemination and enhances public advocacy on media freedom.


In order to achieve the goal, Vanadzor InfoTun will implement the following sequence of activities;


Activity 1: Capacity building of the Center

NGO Center will create Vanadzor InfoTun in Vanadzor with necessary functioning equipment and will also bulid the capacity of 3 sattelite centers throughout Lori region and 3 centers in Tavush region. 


Activity 2: Citizen Journalism trainings

The block of activities implies organization of training courses and practical workshops on blogging and new media for the constituence of Vanadzor and satellite communities. During the course of the project at least 50 people will be trained. 


Activity 3: Community Mobilization

One of he major functions of InfoTun is mobilization of youth through online and offlice resources. In order to manade the online audience and to better engage it the InfoTun will 1/ conduct analysis of the internet news and them. 2/ organize InfoTun debates on the local TV channels 3/ organize discussions of onlijne news and trends with InfoTun network members 4/ make film screenings and discussions.


Activity 4: Online Resources

Vanadzor InfoTun will manage the blog with sections on 1/ materials produced by InfoTun 2/ announcement and press releases 3/ analysis of materials taken from other sources 4/ reposts of materials produced by other infotuns.


InfoTun will also maintain a resource center with related video materials, documentary and fiction films, PSAs, books and magazines on topics related to freedom of expression, online media, citizen journalism and community participation. 

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