“LSGB Transperancy through Youth”


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Welcome to “LSGB Transperancy through Youth” project description page.

Here you can find the brief description of “LSGB Transperancy through Youth” project implemented by NGOC in May-September 2013. The project is financed by Counterpart International Armenia.


The goal of the project is to foster transperancy and accountability of Vanadzor Local govenrment through eduacating, providing practical skills to youth along with expereince exhange.


20 young people of Vanadzor community took the advantage of an opportunity to learn both about LSGB functions and structure and Local media channels and their work through participating in the programmetic activities listed below:


        Capacity building/trainings


Leadership, Strategic planning, Blogging, PR and work iwth Media, Participatory Governance, Public Budgeting, Public service provision and LSGB legislation


      Internship in Vanadzor municipality


     Internship in three Local TV Channels


Filming of informative short TV reportages about project related themes and their dissemination

Filming a professional movie about Vanadzor Local government


      Study visit to Batumi/ Vanadzor sister cty


Additionally,  a Reccomendation package of performance imporvement was presented to the Municipality as an output of the internship process. A public presentation of the package and wide dissemination of the movie  will finalize the project cycle.

Visibility of the porject


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