Biking and rural combined cross-border tourism, as innovative approach for promoting cross-border cooperation


NGOC is currently implementing a new project called “Biking and rural combined cross-border tourism as innovative approach for promoting cross-border cooperation” within Eastern Partnership Territorial Coopeartion Programme /EaPTC Armenia- Georgia/ funded by Europian Union.

            The main goal of the project is to contribute to the development of biking and rural combined cross-border tourism between Armenia and Georgia.

Specific objectives are;

Support application of combined biking and rural tourism tour packages;

Strengthening of infrastructure necessary for the implementation of tour packages;

Enhancement of communication and partnership between major role-players in tourism development


Main Activities of the project;

            Research on “Preferences and touristic behaviour trends of bicycle traveller in rural areas” and on “ Tourism Potential and Data Base creation  for every village in cross border regions” through youth volunteers involvement;  Website design based on research results;  Development of 3 tour packages of combined biking and rural tourism,  marketing of those;  Establishing two camping bases, including infrastructures; Engagement of farmers in rural tourism; Training of service personnel for new tours;

 A joint conference on «Perspectives of biking and rural cross-border tourism development»; Piloting of the new tours through two 4 day long tours;  A joint online information and resource sharing platform;  Signing of MOUs between the touristic agencies of Armenia and Georgia; Seminar on “Biking and Rural Tourism for International synergy  relationship and enhancement of tourism potential of the cross border regions”; Creation of FBpage:“Armenia and Georgia for Biking and Rural Tourism Synthesis”.

Estimated results of the project are;

            A profile for tourists using biking, rural tourism services formed; touristic behaviour, preferences identified, with new avenues for the development of this kind of tourism; 3 cross-border rural, biking tour packages are formed, piloted, marketed; 2 camping bases established in Armenia, Georgia providing services like bike repair, bike rent, etc.; Rural tourism activities offered by local farmers; The quality of services offered by touristic units engaged in the new tours is highly improved by local hosts and farmers; English, Russian Tourism  short   vocabularies are formed. A joint conference on “Perspectives of biking and rural cross-border tourism development” held; A booklet, guide and maps on cross-border BRT information published (overall 100 copies per country)and disseminated; A joint online information platform launched; MOUs between touristic agencies in both countries signed.

Within the project our partners are;


“Dilnet Service” Educational NGO, Dilijan, Armenia

“International Center for caucasus Tourism”, Tbilisi, Georgia

“The Union of Women’s and Children’s rights”, Borjomi, Georgia

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