Accessibility of Unbiased and Pluralistic Media


The project is implemented by NGO Center Civil Society Development Organization with the financial support of US Embassy in Armenia.


The aim of the project is to promote participatory governance in Vanadzor through the use of modern technology ensuring dissemination of unbiased information.


One of the objectives envisioned for the achievement of the goal is to promote the cooperation between the traditional/TV and alternative media to contribute to the dissemination of unbiased information. All programs about ,,Infotime,, can be found here:


There is a TV program specifically designed within the project in cooperation with the local media. It consists of traditional and alternative media elements. The Blognews part of the program ensures unbiased information while its general broadcasting on a local TV channel ensures the accessibility of information through traditional means. The resources and services of Vanadzor Infotun greatly contribute to the implementation of this element.


The second objective of the project is to develop LSGB-citizen cooperation through the use of modern technologies and modern information dissemination means among the population.


The dissemination of the agenda in prior to the actual council meeting of Vanadzor will raise public awareness about the content of the meeting. Moreover, due to Vanadzor Infotun the citizens will have an opportunity to directly/online participate in the meeting via Skype calls.

The online broadcast of Vanadzor City council /avagani/ meetings can be found here:


The above mentioned activities and objectives will ensure:


•         quality communication between citizens and the city council for better participatory  governance


•          use of alternative media in addition to the traditional means in Vanadzor and Lori region


The broad beneficiaries and target of the project are the citizens of Vanadzor, the council of Vanadzor, as well as local mass media representatives.

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