Our Strategic Plan

“NGO Center” started its activities in 1994 as a project of Armenian Assembly of America.

In 2005 it was registered as a local NGO and still continues commitment to its principles. Today, the NGO Center appears to public as a database of knowledge, information, and experience for civil society organizations.

It is common knowledge that the achievements of civil society organizations nowadays address broader areas. The extensive role of the of the civil society is also determined by many contemporary challenges and in order to make their efforts more responsive, the NGO Center contributes to the empowerment of civil society organizations through training, consultancy, research, awareness raising and capacity building programs and services. We believe that the targeted and knowledgeable commitment of the citizens is a fundamental factor promoting the welfare of our society.

Good will, responsibility and participation are the heart, the spirit of our vision.

Mission of your organization is to promote citizen participation in development processes of the state through continuous and systematic capacity enhancement

The objectives are:

1. to promote citizen participation and participation of civil society institutions/groups in decision making procedures citizen participation;
2. to promote establishment of social partnership;
3. to foster civil society development;
4. to promote capacity building of a citizen and civil society institutions/groups.

In order to fulfill the goal, the NGOC works on strengthening the organizational and institutional capacities of civil society entities on one hand, and promotes the increased profile of the latter on the other.

In 2005 the NGO Center underwent the “Organization Certification Process”, conducted by Counterpart International and as a result received “Institutional Development Certification”. The certificate certifies that NGO Center meets the accepted requirements in the following 6 fields: 1. Governance and Strategic Management, 2. Financial Sustainability, 3. External Relations/Communication, 4. Service Development, Management and Quality Control, 5. Human and Material Resources, 6. Management.

NGOC is well-known as one of the leading service providers for CSOs and their partner organizations in Armenia. Our services include:

development and implementation of high quality, efficient training and consultation in organizational management and governance, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, advocacy, project development and management, financial management and sustainability, and human resource management
grants distribution and management, including organization of selection process, budget cleaning, monitoring of project implementation, financial reporting, etc.
qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, such as employee surveys, needs assessments, project evaluations, and research on civil society, including questionnaire design and approbation, conducting interviews, primary and secondary data analysis, reporting and recommendations
assessment of institutional and advocacy capacities with follow-up development planning and consulting
organizational, logistical and facilitation services for meetings, seminars, conferences, roundtable discussions, and organization development (e.g., team building, brainstorming and decision-making activities)
provision of information on NGOs, access to library and other information services.

The target beneficiaries of the organization are NGOs, community based organizations (CBOs), and civic action groups (CAGs) and other civil society elements/entities. The number of officially registered Armenian NGOs who used NGOC services exceeded 1000.

Our Strategic Plan

The updqated version of NGOC's strategy will be available soon. 

Our Strategic Plan